Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 4-8

We are reading Homes around the world again. This is the last week of our homes unit and then next week will be spent building some homes learned about. I will also be introducing the sequence of a story to the students. Sequencing is important for the students to be able to retell a story in the correct order and understand the events in the story like the problem and solution. We will be focusing on this for a while and then the students can transfer it to their writing when they start to write their own stories. Please send in cereal boxes the will fit a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. These are not for building homes but will serve as storage for students books as they will soon start to make their own books. 

We are working on writing more/adding detail to story and illustrations. We are also continuing our study of adjectives (describing words) to make our writing more interesting. You will be getting your child's mid year writing assessment sent home with notes in it tomorrow. Read the notes and help your child become a better writer at home. Also, compare your child's book to a writing from the beginning of the year to encourage them and so they can see their progress!

Flat shapes and shape patterns.

Blending (sp, fl, br, etc.) and the H brothers (sh, ch, th, wh, ph).

Next week the students will be building their homes from around the world out of the boxes you donated. There will be an email coming out soon with times you can come in and help.

Field trip
We have a field trip Friday! We are headed to the Kohls Children's Museum. All parents may come on the field trip for $6.50 unless you received an email from me stating that you are free. The buses will leave school at 9:30 on Friday. Please be at the school by 9 if you plan on coming with us. Email me with any questions.

Mr. E

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