Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th week

Today we started a wonderful week of learning and fun.

We are reading three different books this week. They are focusing on hibernation. We are learning all about hibernation as winter approaches. The students will bring home a cool interactive worksheet on Thursday that I am excited for. We are working on the comprehension skill of making connections. Ask your child what making a connection is when they are reading. They should be connecting things they read to experiences they have in real life.

We are focusing on what makes a sentence a sentence. This has been a struggle for the students to grasp so I think after this week they should have a better grasp. Just so you are aware, I am using these terms when describing a sentence: a sentence is one complete thought, it has both sight words and usually sound out words, it has a capital at the beginning, spaces between words, and ending mark. After winter break we will be working on making paragraphs so please help your student master writing sentences first. Our writing topic this week is what foods we like. We are also still working with story webs.

One less/one fewer. I am introducing the basic principals of take away. We are doing a fun snowman/name activity in math. And make sure to ask you child about using the activoters today during math. They loved it.


Social studies:
Working with a partner.

Keep working on sight words at home. Play some fun games with your child to help them memorize the words.

Mr. E

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